At first I was clearly skeptical of Acupuncture, but
also as a scientist, you must perform your own
experiments guided by the scientific method to be
sure if something is true or not. After rigorous and
systematic testing and experimentation my analysis
concluded that TCM is an effective form of
treatment for various diseases. After my first
classes of Acupuncture back in 2007 while I was
finishing my medical training, I started to use
TCM techniques (Acupuncture, Massage, Moxa,
etc) with my patients, and the results were
astonishing. It was able to help reduce the pain in
patients with advance
arthrosis, chronic migraine,
trauma, etc.

As I got more involved in the system of healing
with TCM. I traveled to the far east and deepened
my knowledge, studying  a Master's Degree at
Guangzhou University of Chinese medicine P.R.
China, the birthplace of TCM. By that time, I was
able to successfully treat people suffering from

hemiplegia, facial paralysis, lower back pain, etc.

Now I am convinced, that TCM is a medical tool
that should be implemented for a great variety of  
Learn more how this therapy system can
help you find relieve mentally, physically and

What I Do

Currently, I am working at Pacific Medical Care
in beautiful Downtown San Diego, helping people
recover from addictions (opiates, heroin, etc),
people suffering from chronic pain (trauma,
multiple surgeries, etc), as well as people with
psychiatric illnesses (schizophrenia, depression,

When time allows me, I give medical attention in
Mexico City, and I perform visits to needed
families in the most marginated areas of Mexico
in order to help those who need it the most, free
of charge.

Please visit the FAQ section to learn more about
TCM and what it can do to help you recover from
your ailments.

To view some pictures and videos throughout my
career please go to the
Gallery Link.
Welcome 欢迎!

My name is Andres Damian, I am a western MD in Mexico and a TCM
(Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner.

I invite you to learn more what TCM is and what it can do for you.

Andres Damian
M.D. ( Mexico ) M.S.Ac (China) L.Ac.
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San Diego California. USA.
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  • Acupuncture
  • Tuina (Chinese massage)
  • Shiatsu (Japanese massage)
  • Cupping
  • Moxibustion
  • Traditional Chinese medicine (Herbs)
  • Bee therapy*
  • Catgut Implantation*

* These  services are offered only in Mexico.


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